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What if a statement like “It’s not possible because of…” would be transformed in a statement like “I’m living my dream because of it!” ?

Destiny Coaching

Online-Coachings and Online-Workshops for people in all different circumstances especially for ladies with physical disabilities or chronic illness.

Are you sick of being a victim of your life?

Are you ready for positive changes in your life?

Do you value yourself enough to invest in yourself, discover your destiny and live your dreams?

If you said yes to all three questions then you are ready to start a new life with Destiny Coaching!

If you want to remain in self-pity and you beliefe there is no purpose for your life please stop reading and leave this website immediately because it could change you and your life!

You are unique because God created you as a masterpiece. There is none person with exactly the same mixture of personality, gifts and talents like you have inside of you. Therefore you can bring something very special to the table. to offer to this world. It will get lost if you hide and do not show up.

 Let’s find out how you can change and improve your life! Let’s discover together what makes you happy. You can make an impact to the world around you when you are passionate about what you do!

Your benefits:

  • get clear vision about your personal goals in life
  • discover your resources and the things you are good at 
  • develop personal strategies to solve issues
  • learn how to handle conflicts well
  • expand your horizon and develop new perceptions 
  • discover new perspectives for yourself
  • find your destiny
  • live your dreams
My Coaching style is
  • empathetic
  • clear
  • funny
  • creative


About me

  • born in Hanover/Germany with Cerebral Palsy

  • Advanced Culture Scientist for Music and Media (University degree)

  • Freelance editor and application Coach (2007-2012)

  • Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry in Redding/CA (2012-14)

  • Certificated Systemic Life Coach in Germany since 2015

  • Certificated Systemic Business Coach in Germany since 2018

Antje Neuborn Kompass Coaching bietet Orientierung

Coaching Topics Include (among others) : 

  • how to develop your personality and potential

  • how to apply change-management to challenging situations in life

  • how to step into your destiny and start a career

  • how to manage stress

Antje Neuborn coacht Klientin in Hannover

Coaching is:

  • a topic oriented, resource- and solution oriented approach which helps individuals or teams finding their competences and expand their ways to act in a system (e. g. at your workplace with your boss and colleagues or in your family with your parents, spouse or children)
  • not consulting or therapy. It doesn’t give you solutions; rather it asks very good questions to help you to find your own individual answer instead. 
 Important requirements to be successful in the Coaching process:
  • free will
  • desire for change
  • high motivation
  • appreciation and trust between coach and client
  • open mind
  • no judgement

Maybe you have specific ideas about how your future should look. John Lennon said: „Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans.“ I invite you to let go of fixed ideas about how things should be and be curious about the opportunities life has in store for you.

 I’m looking forward to accompanying you on your personal journey!

For whom?

  • Ladies who have a physical disability…
  • Ladies who have chronic illness …
  • Ladies in all different circumstances of life …
  • who don’t want do be victims anymore
  • who want to walk now pathways in life
  • who want to discover their destiny
  • who want to figure out what potential is inside of them
  • who want to live their dreams


An individual coaching package


Online-Coaching on Zoom (in English or German, your preference) 


By appointment


Online whereever you want (worldwide)

Let’s connect! Talk to you soon.